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Julabo sous vide Fusionchef Pearl XL | 57.9 litros


The fusionchef Pearl XL Thermal Circulator has the same benefits of the Pearl with the added benefits of a 15.3 gallon stainless steel tank. This German-engineered immersion circulator is built to last with durability and accuracy in mind. The Pearl Z thermal circulators for sous vide cooking guarantees temperature stability of ±0.05 °F (±0.03 °C) in vessels up to 60 quarts. The integrated protection grid prevents potential issues like vacuum pouches obstructing the heating element and water pump. The enhanced circulating pump ensures even distribution of water and temperature stability. The integrated timer allows for easy monitoring of cooking time, helping chefs to achieve their desired results.

These units are part of a fully integrated stainless steel bath with a lid and gasket. This bath system reduces heat loss, guaranteeing the circulator will work more efficiently. The lid helps reduce evaporation keeping water levels ample and reducing the risk of the circulator shutting down or failing. The well constructed stainless steel bath is fitted with a drain which makes emptying and clean up quick and easy. Used in the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs, caterers, and high-volume operations around the world these stylish fusionchef units deliver a polished look suited for a variety of food service environments. The fusion chef Pearl bath systems provide chefs the ability to cook sous vide with consistent repeatable results.

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•Tiene un tamaño de 21 pulgadas de largo, 27.4 pulgadas de ancho y 16.6 pulgadas de alto
•Rango de temperatura: 68 a 203° F (20 a 95° C).
•Estabilidad de temperatura: ± 0.03° C
•Pantalla de temperatura: pantalla LED
•Conexión a la red: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
•Consumo actual: 9.2 A.
•Capacidad de calefacción: 2.0 kW
•Caudal ar 0 bar: 14 l / m.
•Presión a 0 bar: 0,3 bar
•Opciones de voltaje: 115 V / 60 Hz | 230 V / 50-60 Hz
•Peso: 48.5 libras
•Estándares: CE | RoHs
•Protección de bajo nivel: Schwimmerschalter
•Notificación de alarma: Akustisch | Optisch
•Temperatura ambiente permitida: 41° F a 104 (5 a 40° C)
•Fabricado con acero inoxidable
•La solución perfecta para chefs que necesitan trasladarse o con cocinas pequeñas
•Recomendado para restaurants, hoteles y bares


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